Monday, March 25, 2013

Camera Obscura Experiment

Shortly before spring break the camera club introduced me to the work of Abelardo Morrell. I didn't have time to go check out the exhibit which is unfortunate, however, I did have time to research the web to find out who this photographer was. While I love the scope of the camera rooms, what really fired my imagination was the camera obscura tents.

Well, I'm not braving freezing cold weather, so that little experiment will have to wait for summer. Still, I was itching to see if I could accomplish the same thing. Could I turn a room in my house into a camera obscura. Could I project an image from the outside of the house onto a wall on the inside. Yup, I have obsessive compulsive disorder, but it usually manifests itself in harmless forms.

I spent the entire next day prepping and setting it all up. I have always been a bit frustrated with how dark our entrance hallway is, however, for once, it had the perfect amount of light. It also is one of the smaller windows in the house making prep and set up quite easy. The one drawback, is the stairs still let in some light. I solved this issue by closing our basement door and hanging a drape over a curtain rod to cut out some of the light coming from the upstairs. This wasn't perfect, in fact, I wasn't sure it had worked.

When I went back down, all I saw were a lot of cool shadows. Well, I guess that'll work. Pause for awhile allowing the eye to adjust and there it was on the back door. Exactly what I was aiming for. A projection of our tree in our front yard!

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