Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Another Look at Gates of the Mountains

Nearly an year ago already, my husband and I took a little side trip after dropping our son at camp. I had heard some wonderful things about the Gates of the Mountains tour, and so I talked my husband into coming along for the ride. The area is every bit as beautiful as I had heard. On a good day you can see eagles and mountain goats. We did see a young eagle, but it was difficult to spot him since he was on shore and among trees. Also we saw some mule deer and a few seagulls. Even without the local wildlife, there are plenty of interesting sites to capture one's imagination. To begin with, there are the pictographs which are thousands of years old. Experts think they were used to navigate the area - a map of land features in a way. Plus there are plenty of rock features that are visible from the boat. I think my favorite is Stoney Elephant. I saved the best for last. The landscape view for which the area is named. Enjoy!
If you look really close you can see the pictographs on this rock.  They are the markings in red. 

This is one of the rock features along the tour.  This one is called Stoney Elephant.

This is another rock feature called Rhino.

And this is the most important feature of all the gates themselves.  Thus the name: The Gates of the Mountains.

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Barbara said...

Oh my gosh, what a gorgeous area! It makes me want to head north to the mountains. Thanks for sharing!!

Hilary said...

What a beautiful spot. Certainly a rewarding side trip for you.

VM Sehy Photography said...

Thank you for the kind comment Barbara. The area truly is beautiful. I was wishing we could have camped at the campground over night and really gone exploring the canyon.

Thank you for the lovely comment Hilary. It was definitely worth driving the few extra miles. I had a lot of fun being able to view this area from a boat. Not something I would normally be able to do.

Unknown Mami said...

Yes, I looked really close and saw the pictographs. Very cool.

laurak@forestwalkart said...

very cool!!

that stony elephant really ROCKS!!

VM Sehy Photography said...

Unknown Mami - Thank you for the kind comment. I was wishing we could have gotten out of the boat to get a closer look at the pictographs. It would be difficult to do since their location is in that recess. That doesn't make them very accessible. Probably why they've lasted so long. I need to do the tour again when I get my new telephoto lens. I might be able to get better shots.

Laura - Thank you for the kind comment. That elephant does rock! It was my favorite feature along the way. The elephant was the easiest to see and the easiest to photograph. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't get a really sharp shot of the Rhino. I think because it's in shadow. And some of the other features are getting difficult to make out due to erosion.