Sunday, April 29, 2012

As the Holidays Fly

To say I'm behind is an understatement. I still have my Christmas decorations up. I meant to get to that this past weekend, but that's another story. So granted this post is about three weeks behind, but I figure it's better than having two sets of easter egg photos to post next year:)

This egg was made by boiling a set of eggs in a pan filled with blue food coloring, vinegar and water.

This egg was made by dripping food coloring on the top of it.  If the egg is left in place too long, it will have a large spot on the bottom from the combined colors.

These eggs were all made using the rolling method.  You can buy kits that do this by spinning an egg around a dish when you press the button at the top.  We pretty much did the same thing only we used an old leftover container in which we put some food coloring.  Then we placed the egg in the container and spun it around by hand.

This is the method we've been using to dye egss for a couple of years now.  Simply place some karo syrup in a cup and add some food coloring.  You can paint the egg with this mixture or dunk it straight in.  If you dunk the egg, you'll find the karo syrup can be sticky, so you may want some paper towels handy to wipe your hands.


Unknown Mami said...

You make some lovely eggs.

VM Sehy Photography said...

Thank You for the wonderful comment Unknown Mami. Sorry to be so slow to respond. These last few months have been killer. Wrapping up running our Cubscout Pack and the school year. Too much Facebook to try and outrun the stress. I'm hoping next year I can really tune my egg dyeing skills and make some even more awesome eggs. If I start now, I should be about on time:)