Friday, February 24, 2012

Insta Fun

I finally got around to downloading the instagram ap for my iPhone. As I feared, this ap is as addictive as I've heard. I actually had an epiphany concerning the reason for this addiction. The photos I create end up looking a lot like the photos I took as a child. I have to admit it's a pretty brilliant ap. Tapping into that emotion of first discovering photography, of looking at photos your parents or grandparents had while you were growing up or simply of all the good memories housed within those color spaces is sheer genius. I have to say that I fell into instalove and have been having instafun with this ap. If you haven't downloaded the ap yet, I highly recommend it. Just be careful. I'm not sure 12 step programs for addiction to instagram exist. Not yet, anyway.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Light Bulbs and Inspiration

A couple of weeks ago a light bulb blew out in our house. Not unusual. I do wonder sometimes about the wiring in this place. However, none of us had ever seen a lightbulb leave such distinct markings after such an event. Of course I had to take pictures. However, things got totally cool once I started to move it. Seems the filiment had detached and was etching a pattern in the glass. Well, that definitely had to be photographed. Of course, with the way my brain works, that still wasn't the end of the story. Once I had the photo on my computer I couldn't resist putting a little photoshopping mojo on it. I'm especially proud of the last piece. Not that I'm boasting:)

Birth of a Planet