Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Silken Skein Falls

This past summer I finally ventured out onto Hyalite Trail far enough to see some of the other waterfalls. This particular one is named Silken Skein Falls. It was definitely worth the hike. It's a very gorgeous area. In fact, I'm glad I did a little research before going or I would have thought I'd found it when I found the bottom set of falls. The water cascades down a set of small drops. I will admit to being a bit confounded because I expected to find a larger falls that looked more like a sheet of water. I was turning around, giving up the ghost, when I took a really close look at the other shore. I realized that the trail picked up across the river. Boy am I glad I took a closer look. Definitely one of the more amazing spots I've ever been and well worth exploring.

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arabesque said...

love the macro shot on the 2nd foto, where you can almost see the tiny drops of the water.,,^-^

VM Sehy Photography said...

Arabesque - Thank you for the kind comment. That's one of my favorites, too. That was a truly magical day. That whole area is just absolutely gorgeous.