Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fog, Funnel Webs and Fungus

Sundays in My City is hosted by Unknown Mami and is an excellent opportunity to show off the place where you live.

One of the best things about living in Bozeman is the availability of public land. I can always find a spot to go hiking. I could live here my whole life and never run out of places to explore. One of my favorite spots to wander around in is Hyalite Canyon. The shots below were taken while hiking along Hyalite West Shore Trail which hugs the reservoir. This makes for excellent water shots as well as the chance of finding some very interesting macro subjects. I highly recommend a visit to this canyon if you are ever in the Bozeman area.

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Hilary said...

Beautiful.. I'm fascinated by that funnel web.

Vidya Sury said...

Pretty photos! Nature is so fascinating.

laurak@forestwalkart said...

my THREE favorite F's!!!
LOVE the web with dew drops!

happy new year!

Unknown Mami said...

Stunning. I love this set so much I can't pick a favorite.

VM Sehy Photography said...

Hilary - Thank you for the wonderful comment. My son said it's not truly a funnel web. He said those are built by spiders in the ground. I never knew that. I'll have to do some research and find out what the correct name is for this type of web.

Vidya Sury - Thank you for stopping by. I love nature. I could be out in it all day long. The small details in nature fascinate me.

Laura - Thank you for the kind comment. Spider webs with water droplets are so much fun to photograph.

Unknown Mami - Thank you for the kind comment. I'm glad you enjoyed them.