Thursday, December 29, 2011

Garnet Ghost Town

Garnet Ghost Town is near Missoula, Montana. Back in September, we were visiting while my husband took classes, so I couldn't resist making a side trip.

The best part is we arrived at dusk. Unfortunately, this meant that the buildings they open up during tourist hours were closed. Still, nothing beat the atmosphere. And the lighting was awesome. Just low enough to lend a subdued eerie tone to the scene.

Amazingly, I had no problems being there. No tingles of the spine. No heebie-jeebies. I will admit the cans below confounded me. I was equally repulsed and facinated. The history major in me thought cool, too bad you can't read the labels. The other half of me that gets easily grossed out by stale food tried not to wretch. It's an interesting combination.

The only other spot that left me somewhat off was a little house that I tried to photograph. No matter how hard I tried or which camera settings I chose, I could not get a clear shot of it. All the other buildings and artifacts shot in the same light came out fine. That particular house kept coming in blurry and dark. I gave up and read the plaque. A family had died there of flu or something. Yikes! Still, I did not have my spidey senses set off. Perhaps the ghosts are benign.

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Kaori said...

A little creepy but oddly peaceful at the same time. Happy Friday!

ellen abbott said...

lots of great shots. eerie about the one house that only photographed blurry.

Linda said...

well this sends a shiver down my spine.

KB said...

Great pics. I love looking around old towns.

Happy New Year.

VM Sehy Photography said...

Kaori - You managed to nail exactly what it feels like to be there. I didn't really feel anything "bad" there. Not even sad. Kind of like a faint something that's out of sync.

Ellen - Being unable to photograph that house was eerie. I just kept trying figuring it was a technical issue, but after about 5 or 6 shots, I called it quits. It bothered me at the time. Still it was more frustration from my equipment not working right. I can't really say that I felt that the place is haunted.

Linda - I wouldn't recommend you drop by there at night. Glad I was able to convey that eerie atmosphere. I should have had shivers up my spine. I can't say why that never happened.

KB - I love looking around old towns, too. I feel like a wannabe running around here. It's very well preserved by the state of Montana and is a state park. The other one, Bannock State Park is on my list this summer. Both parks are very easy to get to. I'm hoping some day we can buy a jeep and find some of these spots that are up a winding jeep trail truly in the middle of nowhere. That'll be fun.

Unknown Mami said...

I love the picture with the cans. Happy New Year!

Barbara said...

The history lover in me is jumping up and down! Great shots! And how creepy about that one house never coming into focus....

VM Sehy Photography said...

Unknown Mami - Thank you for the comment. I love the cans, too. I have no idea how many seasons they've been there. Some of them look to be in pretty rough shape.

Barbara - Thank you for the comment. I'm a total history geek. That's what my degree is in. That house should have totally creeped me out. I just wasn't picking up on anything, so I left that spot feeling more frustrated than creeped out.