Saturday, October 8, 2011

Consumers or Consumables

Sometimes I think this is what big business sees when they look at people. I know, if I'm so outraged I should stop buying things. I'll get right on that as soon as I figure out how to grow plastic. :)


KB said...

I hear ya!

laurak@forestwalkart said...

((hey...i got in here))

unfortunately...sad but true!
nice...uh...scanners! :)

VM Sehy Photography said...

KB - Thank you for the comment. Sometimes I wonder why a good chunk of my time seems to go to shopping. You'd think there was something in there I didn't need. Perhaps a little quiet rebellion is in order. I could simply cut back on the spending.

Laura - Yea! I'm glad you were able to get to my blog again. Wonder what's on that other blog since I didn't get any warnings when I went to visit. Maybe they'll contact me and let me know what happened.

Thanks for the kind comment. I was messing around with photoshop and I thought I'd stick a little social comment in there as well. Seems like we're always buying something. I think our budget needs an overhaul.

Joanna Jenkins said...

It's disappointing, isn't it. I try hard to shop local and buy from smaller merchants but it's not easy. All I can say is that I have yet to ever step foot in a WalMart-- that's the best I can do-- How sad is that. Ugh.

VM Sehy Photography said...

Joanna - You're doing better than I am. I practically live at the Walmart. Not sure how that happened.

Something to do with not having a filter on our water, and we didn't care for the taste of well water, so we got the big jugs of water from there. Plus they reeled me in with recycling bins in their parking lot.

All the other bins around town get full fast and stay that way. Seems like those are the only bins that get picked up on a regular basis.

I've been doing a little better lately because the water machine has been broken. Perhpas there's hope for me yet:)

Partly Sunny said...

The one with just the eyes freaked me out the most. Nice imagery. And, you know -- I totally agree.

VM Sehy Photography said...

Thank you for the kind comment Partly Sunny. Wasn't really trying to freak anyone out so much as just honing my photoshop skills.

I think it is tough to break the cycle and just to buy what one actually needs. I imagine as I get older, I'll probably cut back simply because I can't imagine needing so much stuff.