Thursday, August 18, 2011

One Gosling Is Not Like the Others

One of these goslings is not like the others.
Can you guess which one?

Can you see why?

His feet are not right. 
Question is, birth defect or boat encounter?

I voted for birth defect.  My husband thought it might be boat related.

PS - Note that it's the sibling that's vocalizing at me in the second photo.  Not the parents as I originally thought while shooting the photograph.  I find that interesting.  I don't know much about geese, but this gosling seems to be well protected by his parents and his siblings.


Hilary said...

He also seems younger than the siblings.. the black facial markings are not apparent yet as they are on the others. I wonder if he was adopted into the group.. Canada Geese are known to do that quite readily. They'll even take on ducklings. I wonder if whatever damaged its feet also left him orphaned. Good catch, VM!

VM Sehy Photography said...

Thanks Hilary for your insight. I had assumed that his injury had kept him from growing as quickly as his siblings. I did not know that Canadian Geese adopt each other as well as other birds. That's pretty cool.

My husband wondered if perhaps the gosling had been injured by the debris floating in the river. It was running quite high and there were a lot of logs floating in it as well as other kinds of debris. That could very well have been the scenario. How sad to think he is probably orphaned. Heartwarming though that another family would take him in.

Not sure what his chances in the wild are. He swims fine. Didn't see him fly. Probably can if he can take off. He was walking on the land OK. It was just hard to watch. He's one tough little gosling. That's for sure.

Linda said...

heart-rending. He does seem to be protected by his family, however.

VM Sehy Photography said...

Linda - I'm hoping he can fly alright. Then he can probably manage. Not sure how long he'll live with his legs messed up. It is sad and yet inspiring to see how the other geese protect him and how he works so hard to keep going. I'll have to see if he's there next summer. That would be cool.

forestwalk/laura k said...

oooooh, poor little goose...i wonder how he does in the water?? nevermind...just read your comment....that's good to least his family is taking care of him! perhaps when it's time to fly...they push-start him!!

VM Sehy Photography said...

Laura - I feel really bad for the little guy, too. I'll try to remember to look for him next year. It'd be interesting to see if he made it through the year.