Saturday, August 6, 2011

Call of the Wild

On our way to Iowa, we always stop off at Rapid City, South Dakota. I missed out last time due to a family emergency, so the guys were really eager to show me this place they had found: Call of the Wild. A museum inside a convenience store of all places. Apparently, the owner needed a spot to showcase his hunting trophies. I really enjoyed the visit. He has a couple of different spots where dontations are subtly encouraged i.e. the monkey below. I will say this, I like the giraffe better from the outside. All you can see is the silhouette of his long neck through the window. Once you're inside, and you realize that's where the view ends, the feeling becomes a bit more disturbing. Still, most of the animals are in one piece so to speak and they are mounted to interact with each other which is pretty cool. My only other criticism would be that the pieces are crowded into the space which tends to ruin some of the views.

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