Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sundays in My City - Arch Falls

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This past week, while my son was in camp I decided to try and find some of the other falls that flow in Hyalite Canyon. I've been meaning to do this for some time, I just hadn't gotten the logistics together. So I formed a plan. First I found a map.

Then I left early enough in the morning to get some decent miles in. The rest of it was pretty much a wing and a prayer as I did not know if each falls had a marker.

Well, I lucked out in two ways. Or should I say my planning paid off. To begin with, the above map is very accurate. To make things even better, there were markers noting the trails that led to a particular falls. That made my hike so much easier.

I probably would have still figured it out. Using my pedometer, I marked off what I thought was the proper distance between trails, and each time I did so, I was within feet of the marker and the branch leading to the falls. Had there been no marker, I would have used the map to know which way the branch went left or right. Still it was a great relief to have the branching trails marked. I felt a load lifted from my shoulders each time I found a marker because I knew I was headed in the right direction and did not have to second guess myself.  For Arch Falls, pictured below, that would have been tough since the path is a bit narrow, and I'm afraid of heights.  I didn't need an excuse to turn around.  Also, at the point of the marker, you can definitely hear the falls.  Always another good clue, but sometimes a bit misleading due to the way sound travels through the forest.

Even if I had had to use a semi-old fashioned method of navigating, the views would have been worth it. See for yourself.

Rock Wall Perpendicular to Arch Falls

River Flowing into Arch Falls

Arch Falls

Check out the following site for more information:

Hyalite Canyon Falls


sheila said...

Wow! That is stunning and awesome! Thanks for sharing this! Nature is inspiring!

ellen abbott said...

beautiful place. too bad it's from and covered with snow so much of the time.

Unknown Mami said...

Stunning. Thank you for finding them and sharing them.

VM Sehy Photography said...

Sheila - Thank you for the kind comment. It truly was awe inspiring. It'd be nice if there was a way to view the falls more directly or from the bottom, but I can't see how unless one rock climbs which I don't.

Ellen - Thank you for the kind comment. One thing about the snow cover is once it melts you have no choice but to get out there and make the most of the 3 months that are warm. I'm hoping to go do some cross country skiing in Hyalite this year. May actually make it to Blackmore Lake. It'll be frozen, but it's probably still cool. Actually, I could ski up Hyalite Trail, too. Hum, Arch Falls in the winter. I'll see what happens.

Unknown Mami - Thank you for the kind comment. One of my most pesky - enduring - qualities is persistence. Especially when I've heard a particular spot is amazing.

BLOGitse said...

That looks a cool place, and huge. Great shots.
In Finland everything is smaller :)
Have a good week!
(sorry I'm late but we had guests...)

VM Sehy Photography said...

Blogitse - Thank you for the kind comment. Hyalite Canyon is one of my favorite places to visit. There's so much to see. I think I could live here for the rest of my life and not get to all of it. We are pretty fortunate that we have so much land set aside for public use in the United States.