Monday, April 25, 2011

Sundays in My City - Late Easter Wishes

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Well, I was supposed to be on hiatus due to Screen Free Week, but that was a bit of a bust. While I didn't get a lot of blogging time in, I did use the time to work on my mad Photoshop skills. Last night, though, I channeled all that creative energy into one of my favorite annual activities - dyeing Easter eggs!

Like last year, we used Karo corn syrup and food coloring to make the dyes. Like last year, it was a sticky mess. Still, the combination of those two items makes for some very vibrant colors. I tried using a toothpick to drag dye across the egg. I tried putting some in a dish and rolling the egg around to make a pattern. I tried a fork. The best results came from using the dye like a finger paint. So if you can stand touching sticky stuff, that's the way to go. If you like your eggs a little lighter, that effect was acheived with the bowl.

Meanwhile you can check out our results below.


Unknown Mami said...

Wow, they look beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I dropped in from SIMC.
Your egg dying skills are pretty impressive. I haven't dyed eggs in about a billion years. The kids wanted to this year but I just couldn't cope with the stains. Maybe next year...?

Keetha Broyles said...

No kids around my house anymore, so we didn't attempt any egg dying. Yours are so pretty.

forestwalk/laura k said...

...late easter wishes here too...
trying to catch up, as usual!

beautifully decorated...BRIGHT eggs! i love 'em! i remember doing that when the kids were little...such fun! i miss it! should prob do it anyway!!

thanks for the inspiration! :]

VM Sehy Photography said...

Unknown Mami - Thank you for the kind comment. The karo syrup and dye make very vibrant colors. The stickiness starts to get on my nerves toward the end though.

Myrelish - Thank you for the kind comment. My husband son and I are pretty artistic in nature so dyeing eggs gives us a chance to get the creativity out of our system:) We actually have a couple of art tables. One of them is covered in an old vinyl table cloth and the other one is a generic gray utility table. We don't worry too much about stains on either one. In fact, I've been known to take pictures of the stains. Is there a cure for that:)

Keetha - Thank you for the kind comment. We love dyeing eggs here. I wouldn't be suprised if my husband and I do it long after our son is grown up. We definitely need help. I have tons of material on different ways to dye them. I'd like to try and branch out next year.

Laura - Thank you for the kind comment. I think dyeing eggs might be a hard tradition for us to let go of. I can see us doing that with the grandkids one day. It's a lot of fun if you don't mind the mess.

Linda said...

Wow, zingy! Both our children (20 and 17) were away at Easter, so the traditional Easter things passed us by. But you've reminded me how much fun it is to decorate eggs. When we had Czech au pairs when the children were small they did amazingly creating, traditional things such as dying eggs by boiling up onion skins and sticking on lovely transfers they'd sent home for.

VM Sehy Photography said...

Linda - Thanks for the kind comment. One of the teachers at school used to dye eggs with onion skins. I keep meaning to try it. I may have to wait until my son is older and doesn't care. Right now he still wants to use food coloring and Karo syrup.