Saturday, April 16, 2011

Screen Free Week

Not that I've been the paragon of blogging as of late, but I will be absent this coming week, April 18-24th. This is Screen Free Week, well, here in the United States of America anyway. I won't get into a big discussion about how disruptive this is. Nor will I complain about how I am perfectly capable of managing my own child's TV / Computer / Cell Phone (doesn't have one - see? easy.) habits. Let's just say, this is not my favorite week of the year. And so because my child is still into following the rules exactly as they are, I will be off line next week. Sigh. This whole following the rules thing has its advantages, but this one is a disadvantage for me anyway. I'll catch everyone on the flip side.


forestwalk/laura k said...

...never heard o screen free week...
sounds like a good idea though. every now and then...we need to take a break from all the SCREENS!

see ya on the flip side!

arabesque said...

i hope you'll be back soon.
meanwhile, we'd be patiently waiting for your next post. ^0^
while we don't regulate a screen-free rule here,
it's a bit annoying to have to share your internet connection with someone or if not, the cable operator is offline.
welcome to my world. ^0^

VM Sehy Photography said...

Laura - The only people who have heard of the movement are the unfortunate parents who currently have school aged children. As you can tell, I made it a whole day. Our last Principal was very big on this and would announce it for a couple of weeks. The current one hasn't said anything. Perhaps he feels it is a decision best left to parents. Thankfully. We've decided on screen moderation week. So my son will get half an hour of time a day which is half of what he normally gets.

While I'm a bit frustrated, I do agree with you, a break from all this modern technology is a good thing. What I have an issue with is a group of people get to decide when and how I take that break. Tactics like that don't work. People need to come up with their own solutions.

Arabesque - Thank you for your patience. Fortunately, screen free week got an overhaul and is now screen moderation week. I feel for you having to wait for your internet connection to be good. We don't have that as much here just some hiccups that get fixed pretty quick.