Monday, February 7, 2011

A Fool's Errand

Today was the quintessential snow day. A light and lovely snow had been falling all day making me feel like I was in a Norman Rockwell painting. It didn't even occur to me that running errands might not be such a good idea.

That's when I walked out of Walmart and stepped into New York! What in the World! My hat was iced over in seconds. I could barely open my car doors. I was scraping my windshield while the wind driven ice scraped at my cheeks. This was not looking good. I tried to photograph the joy of driving home in this storm only to discover I had forgotten to remove my lens cap. Le Sigh. However, it was still going good when I got home, so I bring you, miserable winter weather from Montana.

PS - I can't complain too much, it let off later this evening. I'm just hoping the snowdrift in my driveway won't keep me from getting out tomorrow.

Ice Chunks on My Car Door Handle

Ice Spray Near the Gas Tank

Wind Swept Snow

Barrel Planter Buried in Snow (About 2 Ft. High)

The Height of Flurries

The Force of Wind


Jillsy Girl said...

Ooh...that looks wicked!!

Hilary said...

It sure has been a snowy winter for so many. I like how you documented the storm.

ellen abbott said...

love that last picture but it still looks miserable out there to me.

VM Sehy Photography said...

Thank you all for the kind comments. Although the wind was biting and the snow turned to ice for awhile, it was still beautiful in a way. That last shot was taken when the ice turned back into snow. The wind was still whipping around though. On the plus side, we were back in winter wonderland today especially since the sun was shining.