Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fall Remnants

Last October I had the pleasure of finally reaching the top of Drinking Horse Trail out at the Fish Technology Center. When I came back down, I found the flowers buzzing with insects. I thought posting these fall remnants would brighten my winter mood a bit.

Drone Fly - A Bee Mimic

Yellow Jacket

Syrphid Fly or Flower Fly
Wasp Mimic

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Jillsy Girl said...

Fabulous up close shots!

ellen abbott said...

beautiful shots! and you know I love insects, so weirdly and exotically beautiful.

VM Sehy Photography said...

Thank you Jillsy and Ellen. I love insects, too. And I really love finding out I've photographed a mimic. When I'm out and about I can pretty much spot a hover fly, but after that, I think I've got the real deal. I'm being careful not to get stung when a lot of the time it doesn't matter.