Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sundays in My City - Holding Onto My Fingers

All I can say is I'm glad to be ending today with all of my fingers still attached. My adventures actually started yesterday when I put a sliver in my right little finger. Courtesy of our cabinets that are starting to fray. Well, I had no success removing it, and my husband pronounced it too deep to mess with once he had a look. That left a visit to the Urgent Care at the top of my to do list today. I am so very grateful for the professional attitude at that place. Once I got over the internal giggles due to the fact that the doctor who saw me looks exactly like Roger Ebert, I did just fine. He gave me a shot, made a small incision and pulled that sucker right out. Didn't hurt too bad at all, and it was a small price to pay for peace of mind. I'd feel really silly losing my finger to infection from a sliver that I could easily have removed. Call it pride. Call it attachment to my fingers. I call it good common sense.

Well, apparently the universe felt I owed it some sort of finger payment. Later, while we were out feeding the ducks, I had a little nipper that kept trying to eat my index finger. So much for getting a really awesome shot of the frost covering his head and beak. I couldn't seem to explain that my husband was the food dispenser, I was merely there to document the feeding frenzy. I don't think the ducks would enjoy munching on my camera. If you look really close at the last photo, you can see some of the frost covering their backs. It was 5 degrees out. Mainly because we didn't get around to feeding them until 5 o'clock in the afternoon after it had gotten dark. Sigh. Still, I think they appreciated it. I don't think too many people brave the cold to feed the ducks in the wintertime.

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Unknown Mami said...

Not just braving the cold, but braving the cold in shorts.

I'm glad your finger got taken care of.

ellen abbott said...

bare legs and snow?

VM Sehy Photography said...

My husband rarely wears pants. I was in snow pants last night. My son is somewhere in between. My husband also bicycles in the snow. Sometimes he'll wear long bike tights. I just wish I had his tolerance for temperature.

Hilary said...

I'm glad that all turned out well with your finger. Those Mallards are beauties... but bread is really not good for their digestives systems despite how much they love it. Corn is a good option though.

VM Sehy Photography said...

Thanks for the tip Hilary. We usually feed them wheat bread which should have some grainy goodness in it somewhere, but I can see the gluten might not be the best thing for them. We'll try looking for some corn.

arabesque said...

i've never seen ducks in these condition before,
usually, they're in some pond or just a few, but these are puh-lenty.
it must've been really,really cold. ^0^
they look adorable even when they're hungry and seem to be shivering. ^0^

ps: partial skin and only socks!?
i don't think i can manage that. teehee!

VM Sehy Photography said...

Arabesque - It was 5 degrees out that evening. We try to get out in the afternoon but it never works. We have a ton of ducks around here. Since it's a college campus, the ducks are safe from hunting or predators and can congregate in large numbers. They are adorable even though it's not a pleasant sensation to have one nipping at your gloves.

forestwalk/laura k said...

wow! so many such COLD conditions! i would have thought they flew to warmer weather! they sure are beautiful...and obviously starving

VM Sehy Photography said...

Laura - They do seem cold, but I think the pond is heated. I know they don't stay out to Bozeman lake over the winter. I think because it freezes over. I imagine they don't leave because they know the pond is safe.