Thursday, January 27, 2011

Prompt Me! Wednesday - Where I Belong

My friend Eunice had a grand time laughing at me as I snapped photos of farms, tractors and corn fields on my visit home this past summer. I'm sure she thought I had lost my mind photographing things I grew up looking at all the time. Fortunately for me, those photos came in handy for this week's Prompt Me! Wednesday post.

I was surprised to find out Seal's video had spoken to me on a deeper level than I was aware of at first. On the surface, I was attracted to the road shots. The haystacks reminded me of my upbringing. As I've traveled home over the years, I've had so many road trips where all you see for miles are stacks and stacks of hay. I was all set to do a quick post based on this surface observation. Here's some shots of farms I took.

I thought surely there must be more to this video than that. Perhaps something in the lyrics would resonate with me. I immediately recalled my favorite lines: I belong to you, And you belong to me. While the song speaks of a very intimate relationship between people, it occured to me that the same intimacy can come from a city, a hometown. An epiphany was born! I belong to Charles City, and Charles City belongs to me. The reason I never understood that is I spent most of my life keeping that a secret. I kept this in such strict confidence, that I didn't even tell myself. Well, no more.

To find out what prompted this post, check out Prompt Me! Wednesday at Jillsy Girl Studio.

PS - Technically that barn photo may be from Minnesota. I can't remember for sure. And the tractor is between Rockwell and Charles City. Still, they're good representations of the area I grew up in.


Lynne said...

This really resonated with me. I spend a lot of time pondering issues of identity and belonging.
(sorry, I know that sounds so pretentious...)

Anonymous said...

I grew up near the Houston Ship Channel, so while I'm envious of you growing up in this beautiful farmland, I understand that feeling you have, and I've learned to embrace my hometown as well. (I'm still glad I moved away, though. :) I wonder if everyone goes through something like that? Love the photos!

Jillsy Girl said...

What an excellent take on the prompt. I love it! I think I could do the same with the three different towns where I grew up because I never really talk about them, but they are sacred to me considering all the memories they hold.

I LOVE the photo with the tractor!

VM Sehy Photography said...

Lynne - Welcome. I think as humans pondering where we belong is part of being alive. What's interesting to me is how one moment I can feel like I'm where I belong and yet the next day, I might feel quite the opposite about the same place. I think that's why maturity helps. There's only so many places I can run from:)

Barbara - Sadly I didn't much appreciate the landscape I grew up in. It was so flat and nondescript. Once I saw the mountains in Colorado, I was hooked. I've been out west ever since. I imagine a lot of people grow up hardly waiting for the time when they can blow town. Still, I know a lot of people who never leave. My dad is one of those. I suppose there are pluses to both experiences.

Jillsy - That photo of the tractor is what really got my friend Eunice to giggling. I don't mind. I'm used to her giving me a rough time.