Saturday, November 13, 2010

World Kindness Day - Charity Begins at Home

Se'Lah and Anyes came up with a really cool idea for celebrating World Kindness Day. They put the word out through blogger and asked their followers to join them in random acts of kindness. I was inspired by this lovely thought and signed up immediately.

Unfortunately, I had to scrap my original plans and stick a little closer to home as I have been feeling under the weather.

Fortunately, I am usually looking for opportunities to help out when I can, so this post won't be completely barren. Last week, I went into work a couple of days early and cleaned out the microwave the teachers use. I figure their job is to teach, so they don't need to worry about clean microwaves.

And although I have been homebound, I did the best I could to keep with the spirit of the day. This morning started out fine, and I took some packages to the post office for my husband. (I think I picked my bug up there. Oh, well.) Then I dropped by Pet Smart to buy a heater for my goldfish tank. He's been a bit sick as well, so I'm hoping a nice even water temperature will alleviate stress and help him heal.

I have also been helping with Boy Scout popcorn. We stored all the popcorn for our den in our garage, so that people could come and get it. We were told that cleaned out half the garage of our Pack Leader. Wow!

Since I declined to go on errands, I looked around the house to see what I could do to help make my husband's day go a bit smoother. I emptied the trash. I put his clothes in the drier. I thawed chicken so he could make dinner a bit quicker.

The beauty of all these tasks is that I benefit from them, too. When I help my husband, I help myself. This truth becomes apparent in the deeds that my husband does to make my life easier. He took the last order of popcorn over to the scout's house, so that we could have the garage back. He put a bag into the garbage bin I emptied. (Sometimes follow through is not my best quality.) He took our son to the library and ran some errands from my list.

Charity truly begins at home. For when we are kind to those we love most dearly, a foundation is built from which kindness can then radiate througout the world.


Joanna Jenkins said...

Happy World Kindness Day!
Cheers, jj

forestwalk/laura k said...

very nice!!

>>if MORE people would put forth even ONE RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS a day...what a kinder, gentler...more peaceful world we would live in!

sounds like you've been hard at work helping it's time to take a break...and be kind to yourself!

>>i hope you feeling better quick!!

VM Sehy Photography said...

Joanna - Hope you had a good World Kindness Day as well!

Laura - I hear you about doing an act of kindness every day. I am actually feeling much better today. I slept in late, so maybe that's what I needed to kick whatever had me down.