Wednesday, November 3, 2010

One Word Wednesday - A Special Retreat

One Word Wednesday is the brainchild of Jillsy Girl, drop by and check it out. Today's word is retreat as in a place you would go to find solitude.

I was surprised to find that this word was a bit difficult for me. Mainly because I'm a nature photographer, and if anyone would understand solitude, I would think it would be someone who likes to walk around and photograph nature. Especially, if that someone is a lot like me and tends to go out adventuring alone. Perhaps if the word had been refuge. Retreat is more specific. It implies a very specific place not a general area. Nature is huge. It's general. So, how do I narrow that down to retreat. Where is my special place.

I started to backpedal through all of my recent photos that I had not yet had a chance to post. Then I found it. This awesome shot I took while hiking in Hyalite Canyon. It didn't immediately occur to me to use this as my retreat, as I took the photo on a trail I had never hiked before: Blackmore Trail. Still, I knew it didn't matter. I am always in Hyalite Canyon. It is one of my favorite places to hike mainly because I have not seen every last bit of it. One day I'm going to hike all the way up Hyalite Trail and see all the waterfalls along the way. I'm going to find my way to Mystic Lake. I may need to wait until I no longer work or my son is in high school, so he's more independent, but I will do it. I will explore every inch of my retreat.

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Jillsy said...

It sounds like a marvelous trail and place that allows you to connect with nature. You and I both share that love for nature's little wonders, so I can totally relate. Tell me ~ what is that flower? Looks like an upside down daffodil which I'm sure it's not.

Sally G. said...

Mystic Lake - an entire book could be written on the foundation of those two words alone.

Your photograph is beautiful. The two flowers simultaneously appear to be waving hello while preparing to dance.

You've captured my imagination - and I'll be retreating to this image in my head throughout the day. Thank you.

arabesque said...

and even if it's upside down this is a wonderful foto, i love how you captured even the tiniest bit of it.
really beautiful. ^0^

i wish you a gr8 weekend.

Linda said...

I can almost feel the velvety texture of the petals. Gorgeous shot.
Your son will grow up so quickly, so your exploration will come sooner than you think. My big lad of 19 is home from uni this weekend, and has just volunteered to go out and collect his sister from a school dance at 10.30 at night. My husband and I were very glad not to have to go out on a pouring wet evening!

VM Sehy Photography said...

Jillsy - the flower is called Wyethia, common name Mules Ears. The yellow ones are all over out here.

Sally G. - Like your description of the flowers. They're kind of like hula skirts.

Arabesque - Thank you for the kind comments. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, too.

Linda - So true about how quickly my son will grow up. I'm not trying to rush him. I can't believe he is already in 4th grade. The time is going quick enough.

Juana said...

I don't blame you for wanting to
explore every inch of your beautiful retreat! What a wonderful place to go to...and the flowers, oh my goodness...How gorgeous!!
Great post! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

How did I miss your post last week? Such a beautiful photograph and a place called Mystic Lake - I can only imagine how beautiful that is!

VM Sehy Photography said...

Juana - thank you for the kind comments. It truly is a beautiful place to explore.

Barabara - no doubt about Mystic Lake. I haven't looked up any photos on the web yet. I think I'm afraid to spoil the surprise.

Drew Warner said...

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