Wednesday, November 17, 2010

One Word Wednesday - The Great Spider Chase

One Word Wednesday was created by Jillsy Girl who is busy with the Holiday Season this week, so she has handed her baby over to Sally G. for awhile. Stop by for some dynamic blogging.

Dynamic happens to be this week's word. And I chose a photo of my cat trying to capture a granddaddy long legs. Dyanmic is definitely the right word for that chase!


Hilary said...

Aww gotta love kitty paws.. except when there's a spider at the end of it. ;)

Sally G. said...

You picked a doozy of a word for us this week Vickie, that's for sure! (I've never typed 'doozy' before, there's a good chance I've spelled it wrong.)

It worked well for me though ~ and I'm so glad to see so many with the Linky lists on their own blog sites. Powerful sharing!

I admire all the brilliant photographers I'm meeting online ~ such a gift you all have.

I have an 11 lb. Miniature Pinscher ~ and whenever my daughters see a spider in the house, they call her over and point to it. She then 'plays with it' until it 'gives up' ~ and then, she inevitably eats it.

Hope to see you next week - all Splattered!

Walker said...

Fun picture for the word dynamic, thanks for popping over to add to my list of dynamic words and bloggers.

Jillsy Girl said...

ooh..I see one leg sticking out! Did it survive?

Your word resulted in some very interesting posts! Thanks Vickie!

Anonymous said...

I'm partial to Daddy-Long-Legs, but also partial to kitty cats, and I love this photo!
It was fun working with Dynamic this week - thanks!

Joanie M said...

Did your kitty catch his prey? Great photo!

VM Sehy Photography said...

Hilary - I know. I felt for that poor thing. But I don't want to kill Garfield's hunting instinct. He brings in the occasional mouse which is better than having them in the house.

Sally - Thank you for hosting One Word Wednesday so we can continue with the challenge of how to do these words justice with our posts. I've been having a fun time playing. I'm glad my word worked for you. I was a little worried it was a bit esoteric. Dogs eat the weirdest things. My cat eats grasshoppers but I'm not sure he ate this granddaddy long legs.

Jillsy - thank you for asking me to pick the word. Glad it was challenging.

Jillsy and Joanie - I think he killed it. I wasn't for sure, but it was all balled up and it didn't move.

Barbara - I too am partial to both. I feel kind of bad because I noticed it by Garfield's water bowl and went to take a picture. Until then, he hadn't seen it. Then the chase was on. There was another granddaddy long legs up on our door by the sliding lock. That one stayed out of reach - wisely so.

Thank you everyone for coming by and for your kind comments.