Monday, November 29, 2010

It's Like Christmas Came Early

I would like to send a big thank you out to Doreen at They Say Everyone Has a Story... I won a drawing she had for growing her blog to 300 followers.

When I saw the package in the mail this afternoon, I was very excited and even my son was curious. So we set to opening it, and I have to say we were not disappointed. It seemed that each item had been picked out with care, and it's uncanny how well the items fit.

I immediately hung the Welcome Friends ornament on my tree. Then we set to work putting the fountain together. Well, no assembly required, but we did have to find some batteries, unwrap the stones and put some water in. My son was quite impressed with it and declared it cool. (That's a very high compliment. He's 9 and fewer things are cool these days.) I, too declare the fountain cool. The photo opportunities are limitless especially considering water is one of my favorite subjects. My son also taste tested the candies, giving them a big thumbs up. He described them as sweet and carmelly.

I thought the coolest part was the handwritten thank you with the stickers on it. I love the little inspirational messages. I put that up on one of my bulletin boards.

Thank you so much Doreen for the thoughtful gifts.

Please stop by and check out her blog They Say Everyone Has a Story.... You will find a very inspirational person who continues to find the best in people and in the world despite what she has been through. The link in this post goes to an excerpt from her book. It is a tough subject and she does not pull punches, for herself or the people who caused her family grief. Look around her blog, and you will be inspired to rise above your own pain and to move on. Thanks Doreen for the cool prizes and especially for the awesome thank you note.


SE'LAH... said...

what a wonderful blessing to receive!!! enjoy.

one love.

BLOGitse said...

What a great xmas package...

VM Sehy Photography said...

I was really excited to receive this package. I hardly ever win anything. Then to open it and find out how well the items fit was the icing on the cake.

arabesque said...

haha, did you know we also have a nips version here?!, but i don't think it's the same as this, ours is a local version.
i'll try to post it sometime.

that's a thoughtful gift and a wonderful gesture.
oh, and btw... cool! ^0^