Thursday, November 25, 2010

Accept This Day for the Blessing It Is

I have this mantra that I try to say almost daily. It is: accept this day for the blessing it is. When my mom passed away, I was reminded, as most adult children who lose parents are, that every day is a blessing. Time does indeed run out.

It was this attitude that got me through what might be considered the usual disasterous winter outing. See, I have this way of turning winter photography trips into major castastrophes. Well, some of it is my attitude toward what invariably happens. I can guarantee that my glasses will fog. Frustrating doesn't cover it. There's no doubt my hands will eventually go numb. My gloves are great for pushing buttons, not so great for keeping me warm. Not to mention, every once in awhile I will put my foot into a ditch and find I'm up to my hip in snow. In fact, the list of winter clutsies that I have would probably be long enough to go from one side of Montana to the other. Today, I added another one.

While climbing up Peet's Hill to get to the trail at the top, I stepped on a rock that was under the snow, lost my footing and went to catch myself with both hands. I know what you're thinking. Where's the disaster? Wait for it... My camera was in my right hand and went lens first into the snow. I think I swore. Just the once though, which is pretty good for me. I spent 10 grueling minutes without a glove on my right hand doing the best I could to wipe slushy snow out of grooves I did not know my lens had. I did this totally blind, too. My glasses would not stop fogging. Definitely a grrr moment. To add to the fun, my other glove got soaked so it was warmer to leave it off. All of this joy erupting within feet of a shot I was dying to take.

By now, a few of you who live in Bozeman and know the hill are wondering why I didn't just take the trail from the bottom that connects to the trail at the top. Well, you'll know why when you see the photo below. Fortunately I persevered, my attitude paid off and I got my shot because it was all worth it. How else would I have been blessed with such a wonderful view on such a beautiful day?


Hilary said...

You sure did capture a beauty of a shot and went through quite a bit to get it. I'm glad your lens was not damaged.. not to mention your person. I did something similar last winter so don't feel bad.

I find fingerless gloves very useful - the kind that has a flap to cover your fingers mitten-style when not trying to use the camera. Just make sure you get the kind that secures the opened mit under an elasticized strap rather than by velcro which gets VERY frustrating.

Gwen said...

Beautiful shot!

Happy Thanksgiving!

arabesque said...

haha, interesting post, although i can't say the say the same thing for me. ^0^
this was a nice capture despite your struggle with the snow.
they looked pretty.

ps: i like your inspiring quote.

ellen abbott said...

really a great shot so I guess it was worth it.

ellen abbott said...

Oh, I meant to say, I love your morning mantra.

Unknown Mami said...

I love your mantra, I may have to adopt it.

The picture is wonderful thank you for the visual gift.

Rosie @ Centre of Interest said...

We go to some lengths don't we to get great shots like this :)

Linda said...

That photo is worth all the trouble. Hope the rest of the day improved!

forestwalk/laura k said...

nice words....mantra...

and your close-up shot!! beautiful! sometimes we have to work just a little harder...(whether we meant to or not) to get what we really want...HA!! looks like it was definitely worth it though...(as long as u didn't have any long lasting injury!!) :] laura

BLOGitse said...

bbrrrrr....I know what you mean. It's been windchill -4 F in Helsinki and shooting pics is not easy...
But it's really beautiful.
Have a good week ahead!

VM Sehy Photography said...

Hilary - I'm glad my lens and myself were not damaged as well. Thank you for the tip on the gloves.

Gwen - Thank you. Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving. I'm so slow to comment back I think I'll say Merry Christmas while I'm at it:)

Arabesque - Thank you for the kind comment. I try to remember to say my mantra every day because it reminds me that my life is blessed overall and not to get caught up in what is "going wrong".

Ellen - Thank you for the compliment. It is worth it. However, I might want to start to be mindful of the fact I'm not 20 anymore and stick to the established paths.

Unknown Mami - Thank you for the kind comment. I wish I had more time to post these days, but I've gotten pretty busy with the Holiday Season.

Rosie - We sure do! Fortunately I live in a really beautiful place, and there are lots of easy trails, so I don't always have to be climbing up the sides of steep hills in the winter.

Linda - It's nice to be appreciated. My day went pretty smoothly after that. It's usually one incident per outing if at all. Unless of course I get all frustrated, then it just seems to build, so I'm always proud of myself when I remember to keep my cool.

Laura - Thank you for the compliment. I didn't do anything permanent that I know of. I'm getting to that age where you get back up and everything seems cool, and then two weeks later something hurts weird. I may have to start sticking to the trails instead of wandering into the wilderness.

BLOGitse - Thank you for the kind comment. Hope it has warmed up where you are. We had a nice day yesterday, but it looks like it's back to single digits again until the weekend.