Wednesday, October 20, 2010

One Word Wednesday - Gold

Once again, I'm joining in on One Word Wednesday. Jillsy Girl hosts this fun challenge in which we all try to make a post based on one word. Today's word is Gold. Stop by and see the creative responses, and while there come join us! It's a lot of fun.

I have to admit I was having a hard time thinking of what I could photograph that would represent the word gold. Possibly the fall grass around here, but I haven't been inspired by that lately. It finally dawned on me last night that the answer was right under my nose. Our goldfish. His name happens to be Gold. And he definitely lives up to it!


Hilary said...

What a golden opportunity! ;) I love that first shot.. it's perfect!

Jillsy said...

LOVE THE PHOTOS!! So appropriate and such a brilliant shade of gold. Isn't it funny how sometimes the most obvious things can get overlooked. Glad you remembered these little guys!

Sally G. said...

Oh, the times I've invested significant effort and energy searching for something that was under my nose all the time!!

We had a goldfish named Goldy once (my youngest daughter named it). It shared a tank with another goldfish named Rusty (yet another fish I did not name).

About 7 years ago, we experienced a power outage than ended up lasting 26 hours. It had started before my daughter went to bed - and when she woke up, Rusty was floating at the top of the tank due to lack of oxygen.

She handled it bravely, though was very sad. Minutes later, I happened upon her - and she didn't know I was there. She was on her knees, face in her hands, sobbing. I assumed she was grieving for her dead fish Rusty.

I later discovered (in conversation) that she was, in fact, coming apart at the thought of Goldy slowly suffocating to death to perhaps meet the same fate.

Thankfully, Goldy survived the power outage, though she did pass on in time.

Seeing my daughter's empathy in action was truly a Golden moment for me. Thank you for triggering this memory with your post!

mrs mediocrity said...

That first shot is fabulous...I too almost missed something just under my nose, well, more just above my head, but you know what I mean...

Unknown Mami said...

I'm sure he's worth his weight in gold and he's very photogenic.

VM Sehy Photography said...

Thank you everyone for your kind comments.

Sally G. - That's a very cool story although I'm sorry about your one fish that died. It is neat when we can see our children showing compassion. It's very touching to know that they care for something outside of themselves.

forestwalk/laura k said...

awesome GOLD!!
that first picture is beautiful!!

i love the bubbles...water droplets...detail!! GREAT shots!!

(what's that piratey-looking thingie in the last picture, peeking out from back end of GOLD??)

VM Sehy Photography said...

Laura - the pirate goldfish is a decoration on the outside of the tank. Our first tank was a plastic 2.5 gallon that came with these stickers so the fish had spots to hide. My son wanted to put them on the new tank.

The water droplets were a creative surprise. I had sprayed the glass with water to clean it off. I noticed that made it look like there were bubbles in the tank, so I decided to see how the effect turned out. I thought it was cool, so I went with it.

forestwalk/laura k said... was a VERY cool effect...that spray of water!!! good thinking!! :] and great usual!!