Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Life in the Meadow

While walking through the ditch meadow by our house last weekend, I found lots of interesting subjects to photograph. A really striking shield bug, some will know it as a stink bug, that was nestled among some yellow flowers. An absolutely gorgeous mint green grasshopper. A very tiny tan plant bug on the tansy. And the most interesting of all (actually photographed against our storage shed) was this poor grasshopper who's missing a leg. He tried to hop away from me to no avail. It was sad to watch. Hope he didn't become bird or cat food.


Hilary said...

Even in the insect world, it aches to see something suffer. Though bird or cat food would be a better end for it than a slow death. Wonderful photos.

VM Sehy Photography said...

Good point. Getting eaten may be the better deal. I'm not sure how a grasshopper fairs without a leg. It was one of his back hopping legs, too, which is why he couldn't get away. I guess as long as he can reach the leaves, he should be OK. It'd just be a long walk. Probably hard on him. I don't usually like to photograph injured subjects, but I figure a missing leg is survivable. Hopefully.

SE'LAH... said...

breaks my heart...hopefully, he escaped to safety with a source of food. amazing photos!

thanks so much for your visits.

forestwalk/laura k said... much to nature...if we open our eyes...and s l o w down!
you capture everything wonderfully!!

i LOVE your pictures!!!