Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Fond Farewell to Jefferson Elementary School

Take a good look at it while it lasts. This is the elementary school that I went to. It's slated for demolition. My dad didn't know when. A piece of me hopes soon because I can't stand to see it slowly disintegrate. A piece of me hopes not so soon because I will be sad to see it go. I'd actually like to photograph the process, but I may not be around when it happens. Not sure what will go up in it's place. Perhaps a park. My brother's elementary school was destroyed by a tornado. Instead of building there again, the spot was turned into a park. If I have my facts straight, it's the park where I got married. There's a cute little gazebo there where couples can get married in the summer. I could live with that scenario. A park would be nice.

You know the drill, if you'd like to inspect the details of any of the following photos, simply click on them for a larger view.

Probably sat at one of these desks.

These are the actual monkey bars I used to swing on. The rust proves it.

A remnant from the last class. When I went there, this would have been Mrs. Jacobson's math class.

More desks piled up onto each other inside. A somewhat artistic shot with the reflection of the overgrowth.

Where I ate lunch. Note the Hilary Duff milk poster. That's new.

There's an atrium inside this section of the school. The hallway goes around it in a square. The trees are growing above the building in the middle. On the other side, it looks like they've stored the soccer nets in there. If we were lucky, in 5th grade, Mr. Hansen would teach class out there. He had to have the school's permission. I quite enjoyed the couple of times we got to do that.

The school is across main street from where the tag is.

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Mark Anderson ( said...

I also attended Jefferson (from 1970-77), and was sad to see it go. I was able to take photos inside just before they tore it down, and went back last summer and took some more when it was mostly demolished. Just wanted to say thanks for posting these.

VM Sehy Photography said...

Thank for the comment Mark. I went to Jefferson from 1971-1978, so I would have been a year behind you. I would have been Vickie Vance, then, too. I was really sad about this. To see the spot just sit as an empty lot is frustrating as well. So much of Charles City is changing, but I guess that's normal. I didn't try to get inside. I figured it was locked up. Probably would have just made me sadder.