Monday, September 27, 2010

Ever Feel Like Lucy?

Scene: Dinner time at Mr. and Mrs. VM's. Mr. VM sits down to a lovely meal and suddenly remembers that Mrs. VM did not get him something to drink. He heads into the kitchen.

Mrs VM heading him off: Can I help you honey?

Mr. VM: No, just getting something to drink.

Mrs. VM: Don't trouble yourself dear. Let me get that for you.

Mr. VM hesitantly sitting down. Looking at Mrs. VM as if she's lost it.

Mrs. VM disappears for a second and returns with a nice refreshing drink.

Mrs. VM: There you are dear. Sitting the glass on the table.

Mr. VM really looking at his wife closely. Inspecting her for any seams. Possibly turned into a Stepford wife without his permission.

All is well for a few seconds.

Mr. VM: Darn, there's no ice in this drink. Gets up again and heads for the kitchen.

Mrs. VM heads him off at the door doing the 4 foot sprint in 5 nano seconds.

Mrs. VM: No, really dear. Let me get that.

Mr. VM: It's OK. What is wrong with you really. He pushes past her into the kitchen.

Door swings shut.

Door swings open again and we hear.

Mrs VM!

Mrs VM: Really dear it's not what it looks like. I can explain. See, I thought...

Mr VM exasperated: Mrs VM! What did you do to our dishwasher?

Mrs. VM: Oh, darn it. Really I thought I could fix it. Big pout on her face.

Cut to commercial.

I swear sometimes I feel like I live in an old episode of the Lucille Ball show. The cap came off by one of the fill markers for our jet dry dispenser, so every little crumb falls down in there and shoots up into my glasses. They hardly ever come out clean. And the dryer just bakes all those crumbs onto the glasses permanently. I could save myself a lot of time by simply handwashing the glasses to begin with. So I got this bright idea to fill that hole with Dawn dishwashing liquid. A, it would shoot cleaning gel into my glasses and B, it would keep any crumbs from falling into that hole. That's when the dishwasher started to make some sort of strange sound that sounded like something between grinding gears while shifting a car and an angry grizzly bear. I kid you not. When I opened it up, it looked like the photos below. And as Mr. VM pointed out later, when you put Dawn into a dishwasher and it suds up like that, it won't drain. Mrs. VM, ie me, did manage to make it all OK by bailing the water out and running the dishwasher on a quick mode. Fortunately it came out dry the second time. I'm just hoping that weird gear / bear sound passes. It was such a nice quiet dishwasher before.

What is your most memorable "Lucy" moment?


Unknown Mami said...

I hope the dishwasher survives your Lucy moment.

Jillsy said...

I can't think of any off the top of my head, but this scenario definitely sounds like one!

I don't know how this happened, but I just realized you weren't on my blogroll anymore, hence that's why I haven't been here in awhile. But, I'm putting you back on right now!

VM Sehy Photography said...

Well, it turns out I may not have been the problem. Or not in the way I thought. The night before I had knocked one of our magnets off the side of our fridge and it fell between the fridge and the counter where the dishwasher is mounted. It was one of our stronger magnets. I didn't give it any thought. Figured we'd get it later when I did the annual clean behind the fridge. And that's where it was. Behind the fridge on the floor. Well, my husband started tinkering with the dishwasher. He noted the gear shift / bear noise. And he concluded that it sounded like the dishwasher was dragging something. That's when he remembered the magnet. So he moved the fridge. (Gives me a heart attack. I don't need it falling on him. It doesn't slide very easily.) He pulled the magnet off the floor, and the dishwasher stopped making that noise. Yea! Mr. VM saved the day. Isn't that how Lucy episodes always end? Or maybe they end with Ricky singing. It's been so long since I've seen one.

VM Sehy Photography said...

Welcome back Jillsy. Who knows what happened. Glad you found me again.

You want a story that'll make your hair turn gray. I lost my entire blog roll the other day. I logged onto blogger and found the following message on my dashboard. You are currently not following any blogs. I had a heart attack! It was all I could do not to scream no at the top of my lungs. Figured my husband wouldn't appreciate that. So I calmly walked out to the livingroom and explained what had happened. Bless Mr. VM he said try logging out and logging back in. It's probably a database glitch or something. And I thought it can't hurt. It's been awhile since blogger logged me out for no good reason at all. Sure enough that fixed it. I know I was kind of poking fun in this post, but I'd be a bit lost without Mr. VM.

Jillsy said...

That must have been one strong magnet!

I've had some odd things occur with blogger from time to time but normally it's in the editor when I'm trying to write a post and it drives me crazy!!