Friday, August 6, 2010

Skywatch Friday - Sweet Pea Style

This week's Skywatch Friday post is in honor of the Sweet Pea Festival. This is a big celebration in Bozeman this time of year. There's a parade and events in Lindley Park. Lots of music and lots of art. There are a variety of activities for the kids as well.

This year the library lined up something special to coincide with the Sweet Pea Festival. They brought Nomkoo the Elephant to town. I thought that his trunk framing the sky and the grain elevator made a striking photograph.

This is a shot I took earlier in the day from the top level of the parking garage. It's so rare to get such views in Bozeman since we don't have many tall buildings in town. I couldn't resist the photo op of these pigeons on the roof.

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Linda said...

This is possibly the only shot in the world to combine an elephant and a grain elevator!