Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'll Take the Time

I was sitting on the garage floor tonight helping my dad tie newspapers together so they can go with the recycling pile tomorrow. Suddenly it hit me that there are so many people whose parents have passed on that would give their fortune just to have one more moment with their parents. Just to sit and do something as simple as prepare papers for recycling. I realized just how lucky I have been to have my dad live so long. Does he remember everything so well? No. Is he the young good looking guy in this photo? Not so much. Does he boss me around a bit? Well, not like he used to. But I am so grateful to have this precious time with him, I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. So when my dad takes forever to get from point a to point b, I won't mind so much (not that I really do anyway) because I'll take the time. I'll take all the time I have left to share with him.


Raymonde said...

Love this post, so well said.

Take care. xxx

PS: Very handsome young man by the way. Your mum had good taste. :)

VM Sehy Photography said...

Thank you Raymonde. It's always neat to see pictures of your parents when they were younger. Sometimes we don't realize how two little old people could fall in love. I am hanging in there, and hopefully my mom gets the OK to come home today. I like to think I've been blessed with a wake up call. Better late than never to realize how precious our time is with our loved ones.

Joanna Jenkins said...

You're lucky to still have your Dad. Enjoy every minute with him.
:-) jj

Doreen McGettigan said...

I love this post too. I take care of other people's old people and it is the saddest thing when I see family members so stressed out about the silliest things. Like they sleep too much or they move to slow.
I'll say a prayer tonight that the light is not a train for you..

VM Sehy Photography said...

Thank you for the wise comment Joanna. I intend to enjoy all the time that I have left with my dad. My mom as well. She was supposed to come home this past Friday, but the doctor didn't feel she was strong enough. This touch and go stuff is too frustrating. Right now it looks like she'll be released into a nursing home.

VM Sehy Photography said...

Thank you Doreen for the prayer. It actually saddens me that the kids of some of these elderly people can't slow down and meet their parents at that pace. I often wonder if they regret it. My parents were older when they had me, so I grew up around a lot of people that weren't that young - at least over 70. My parents made me help with my Grandparents. I had to walk with them so they wouldn't fall. I had to sit and visit. The first four years of my life were spent in a nursing home every friday visiting my Aunt Minnie. My best friend from then would come along and we'd run through the halls and play. It was a wonderful place for me, full of adventure. So I already come well equipped for dealing with this stage in life. It just hit me so hard the other night that time is slipping away, not only for my mom, but for my dad. I'm so hoping my mom will get better, but then she slides backwards. I see glimpses of the person I call my mom, but more often than not, she's not herself. She did sleep most of yesterday, but I would've too. She was expecting to go home then couldn't. And she's missing her high school reunion. I'm hoping her stay in the nursing home will help her get stronger and she will be able to come home.