Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bite of Bozeman

Ever try to capture the essence of something just to realize it's too large to be encompassed in something so insignificant as a photo? I rarely feel that way. However, Bite of Bozeman is so many things at once, it is hard to narrow it down to a singular photograph. Even with the collage I put together, I don't believe I have done it justice.

Bite of Bozeman is an event that takes place every year the Wednesday before the Sweet Pea Festival. Basically, the city blocks off main street for maybe a mile and then some of the best food around hits the streets. During this time, there are bands playing some awesome music. And earlier in the day, chalk on the walk is held, so the sidewalk is decorated with all this amazing art. Hard to roll into one tiny package, but I gave it my best shot. (Pun intended.)

Simply click on the above image to see it full size. Enjoy!

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