Friday, July 9, 2010

A Tradition Is Born

Yesterday, I turned 44. I decided I was going to have a fun day. So my son and I went and hiked up to Palisades Falls. One of our favorite places. It never fails to inspire awe with the beautiful scenery which surrounds the falls. Well, usually my husband comes along, so I only end up climbing halfway up because I'm afraid of heights. Not which to mention, it's not the most stable ground to be on. There's really no good photographic reason for me to climb up to the base of the falls either as I have a zoom lens.

Yesterday, being only me and my son, I forced myself to be brave enough to climb as high as he did. I ended up right at the base of the falls. I definitely felt my heart pounding, but I was also very proud of myself for getting that close. As it turned out, he scampered down and had to wait patiently at the bottom while mom carefully inched her way down. I guess he can handle himself and I could've stopped halfway up as usual. On the flip side, I've decided that every year, I'm going to do something brave or out of my comfort level on my birthday. That seems like a really good way to celebrate the fact that I've made it through one more year of my life. I figure it will keep me from becoming complacent.


jillsy said...

First off...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! And secondly, I can totally relate because I don't like heights either especially rock ledges. So, here's a high-5 to you!! I'm very proud of you!

VM Sehy Photography said...

Thanks for the high five. It's amazing what a mom will do for her kid(s). It's also amazing how kids can make us grow in unexpected directions. I'm already wondering what next year's challenge will be.