Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sundays in My City - Mining Town Exhibit

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I have to admit I cheated a bit today. I wasn't in my city. I went to The World Museum of Mining in Butte. While there, we were able to tour an old fashioned mining town. And we were also able to see an underground mining exhibit. Unfortunately, we missed out on the actual tour of the mine, but there's always next time.

One of the observations my husband made today involved the crafsmanship of many of the pieces in the mining town exhibit. We found ourselves wondering whatever happened to craftsmanship? I would like to see it return myself. Below are two of my favorite pieces, one is a door plate and the other is a door knob. The detail in the engravings is amazing.


Hilary said...

Oh yes, they're beautiful. I can remember living in an old apartment building in my native Montreal with this kind of detail.. at least the doorknobs were similar. There's just nothing like that readily available and affordable these days.

Unknown Mami said...

We actually have a door knob in my home that is pretty amazing. Most of the doors have been replaced, but in our hallway is a very old door with a very old door knob and it is really something special.

I wish craftsmanship would return too. It might gives us more appreciation for the things in our life.

VM Sehy Photography said...

After I read the comments, I started to wonder if one could find someone who engraves metal and have them make some doorknobs like these. It probably would cost more, but I think it would be cool.

Actually, if I'd been thinking, I'd have remembered that I have a friend who does woodworking. He's currently making classical guitars. So craftsmanship is still alive. I just think it's hard to explain to your average joe why you pay more for something in this make it from a mold world.