Thursday, July 22, 2010

If Only the Wind Would Stop Blowing

When I was out and about last week, I went by The Parker Homestead State Park. I wanted to photograph a disappearing relic. The parks department just announced this year that they will no longer maintain the property. It will probably deteriorate and become just another abandonded building that dots the countryside of Montana. Unfortunate, doesn't describe it. I am just happy to have had the chance to see it while it is in relatively good condition. To get to experience this buidling, while I am still able to imagine what it must have been like to live in that sort of environment is a gift.

Oddly enough though, the building is not the most memorable part of the experience. I was struck, literally, with how forceful the wind is. Unbearable. Pushing and tearing at me. I can not comprehend how one would work under these conditions much less build a life. Could this have been what it was like to settle the prairie? Yes, of course. With so much flat land, what obstacle could slow down the wind? At this moment, I realized I am not the carbon copy of my ancestors that I like to think I am. I still believe that I am tough enough to take the loneliness and the hard work. I am resourceful and independent enough to survive literally being on my own with the nearest neighbors being miles away. With my extended family being even farther away. No radio, no TV, no internet. I really believe I could survive that level of social and sensory deprivation: if only the wind would stop blowing.

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