Saturday, July 17, 2010

All Things Very Small

I decided to get back into the routine of a quick morning walk. Sadly to say, having fallen out of it, I've gained some weight I'd like to lose. Most of it on my arms. Blech! So off I went up the Sourdough Trail by our home, and it didn't take long for me to start spotting the tiny little critters that live on leaves and flowers. It was definitely a banner day for me.

The bubbles are created by spittle bugs. Some unfortunate critters have gotten stuck in the mess. The top insect looks like a small wasp. The winged creature below is most likely a moth fly. The bug to the right maybe a plant bug of some sort. Spittle bugs eat plants, not other insects, so I guess they'll be spared that fate at least.

This is most likely a plant bug. Not sure what kind.

Again, most likely a plant bug. Possibly an alfalfa plant bug.

This shot was taken in my back yard. It's a spider having breakfast!

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Hilary said...

Very cool. You have a good eye for the wee creatures.