Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Take Off to the Great White North!

Unfortunately, I only came within 50 miles of the Canadian border, but I did get up to Northern Montana this Memorial Day weekend. (And I have a fond soft spot for that Song and The McKenzie brothers. Loved SCTV while it was on the air.) Below are some of the more interesting subjects I photographed at the beginning of the trip.

This was on our way out of Livingston. I found the post below that explains the significance of the two images.

From: Wayne C.
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 12:16:18 PDT
In Livingston, Montana, there is not only a large "P" (Park High School) on the side of the hill, but an outline of an enormous rainbow trout (Livingston is the fly fishing capitol of the world).

While the posts on this site are a bit old, it's still an interesting read about many different letters and such on the sides of mountains.

This was in someone's yard. It's along Highway 191 North between Big Timber and Harlowton.

I took this outside of Harlowton. My husband remarked that the wind must have been blowing pretty hard when they painted. He said the overspray will wear off. Cool shot while it lasts.


Hilary said...

Take of, eh!

Three great shots.. I love the spray paint gone wild!

VM Sehy Photography said...

Thanks Hilary. We actually considered heading over the border, but then we realized that we didn't have our passports. Well, we remembered we needed them. As it turned out, the museum in Havre wasn't open, so we need to back track anyway, and we're making plans to visit Canada when we do so. So I'm excited about that and hope we can find the time soon.