Friday, June 25, 2010

Chief Joseph Battle Ground

While we were visiting Northern Montana, we were fortunate enough to have some time to go visit the Chief Joseph Battleground. Being a history major, any visit to a historical park is a treat for me, but I was very surprised by how touched I was by this place.

There are many markers along the path that indicate where many of the indian chiefs involved in the battle died. What really adds to the emphasis of this is that people have left behind offerings at these markers. Also, there is a spot with a mass grave for US Soldiers. This added to the emotional impact as I begin to realize how many people lost their lives in this conflict.

Contrast this with the peaceful hillside and meadow that it is now, and you begin to wonder why anyone ever starts a war.

To view larger versions of the images below, simply click on them.  Photos: the general view of the valley where the fighting took place, the offering by the plaque that commemorates Chief Joseph's surrender,  the plaque itself. (I found it an interesting read.)

May peace be with you.  And with all the world.

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