Thursday, May 6, 2010

Surprise! Surprise!

I've been finding spiders in the most surprising places lately. I didn't have an opportunity to photograph the one in the shoe box. That had to go onto our porch pronto. My son dislikes spiders. However, the two below were more fortunate. The first one is in my cat's food bowl, and I found him before my son came home from school. The second surprised me by popping around a tree twig while I was trying to photograph some emerging blooms.


Hilary said...

Well you weren't kidding when you said you love spiders. What is that one on in the first photo. It looks like dog food off to the side but is the critter in the bowl?

VM Sehy Photography said...

The spider is in my cat's food bowl. So it's very small chunks of pet food for scale. I see these spiders all over and still haven't successfully identified them.