Thursday, May 27, 2010

Butterfly Rescue

Here are some shots of the butterfly I managed to free from the bottom of the habitat. The first one shows how he was stuck. The other two are after shots. If you look really closely at the last shot, you can see that the wing closest to the camera has a downward tilt. It looks bent. That's the wing that was stuck to the floor of the habitat. I'm not sure it ever got right. I came in the next day, and he was back on the bottom of the cage and the kids told me he was dead. The teacher confirmed it. I was leaning towards dead, too, since I hadn't seen him move for a couple of days even when I blew on him (not trying to be cruel) and the other butterflies came to pester him.

So sure enough this morning he's batting away the other butterflies. He's nothing if not determined. So I thought I'll just have him climb on my finger again and get him off the floor again. So he climbs back onto my finger. The wing stayed behind. Sigh. I thought he was stuck to the floor because he couldn't use his bad wing to flap himself back upright. Nope. Now I think he fell off his perch and the wing got stuck from the water I had sprayed on it. Double sigh.

On another note, we had one more hatch, and it was hanging on to its chrysalis, but I noticed yesterday it had fallen to the floor before it even got it's wings developed. I haven't seen it move at all, so I'm pretty sure that one is dead.

So that's 4 out of 5 - 4.5 out of 5? Just goes to show that even when you try to make nature pretty, it can still be quite ugly.