Friday, April 2, 2010

Skywatch Friday - Sun, Clouds, Mountains, Perfect!

Welcome to another Skywatch Friday post. I was a bit concerned driving into work this morning. Looked like it might be a cloudless day. However, by this afternoon, the sky was filled with gorgeous billowy clouds. I even got a couple of decent shots of the sun peeking out around the edges. Here's to a perfect day!

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Kcalpesh said...

Wow! The place looks so beautiful! I bet it must have been one mesmerizing experience to actually be there! Awesome photography!

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VM Sehy Photography said...

Bozeman is awesome. I love the mountains and the open space. (There's lots of it.) My favorite shots are when the clouds cover the sun like this. I have to be careful not to still be looking through the lens when the sun comes out, though. Hard on the eyes.