Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mess of the Month - April

Well, once again I've been foiled. April's mess is not much of one. My husband, bless his heart, cleaned up his section of the table this past weekend, and we've all been pitching in to keep it all cleaned off. Looks pretty darned good.

On the flip side, this is why I started doing this monthly post. I realized that while the table was a mess, it wasn't always the same mess and it even got cleaned up every once in awhile. So I thought it would be interesting to take photos over time to see how my perception of a "messy table" fit the reality of a "messy table". I'm happy to report I'm delusional. Yup, over time I'd have to say the table's a lot cleaner a lot more often than I thought.

Next month, it'll be a year, so I might do a collage to prove that point. Until then, you can compare this month's mess to last month's by clicking on the following link.

March's Mess

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