Sunday, March 21, 2010

Where's Your Sense of Adventure?

The title is my response to my son when he complained that he did not want to take the scenic route home. We had been in Livingston for the distric Pinewood Derby races and wanted to come home off the freeway.

So we took a scenic route via Old Yellowstone Road then onto Trail Creek Road. It's mostly gravel, but it has some beautiful views along the way. The Absaroka and the Gallatin Mountain Ranges can be seen along this route.

When I went to say hi to the horse in the middle, it took one good whiff of me and decided to chew on my coat sleeve cuffs. Gee thanks. I couldn't figure it out until I realized that I had just eaten McDonald's fries, so I probably had some salt on my cuffs. I forget how much horses love salt. Other than that incident, I got through yesterday's adventures unscathed.

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