Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunset Hills Cemetary - Part 2

I took these a couple of weeks ago. We went sledding again and I decided to do some more exploring of Sunset Hills while the guys continued to fly down the hill. I found all of these images profoundly haunting.

I didn't know that there was a civil war monument out there, so that to me was interesting from a historical point of view. (And also makes me wonder, why do we always forget?)

The cherub was by a child's grave. A more recent one as the newer tradition of leaving toys behind had been evident.

I believe the snow angel was by a younger woman's grave. This one is my personal favorite. Something about the snow makes the beauty of this piece even more surreal.

The flowers say it all. Made me feel like someone had lost the love of their life and would not be getting over it soon.

Which brings me to an interesting point or perhaps it's redundant to those who think about such things often. Cemetaries are more likely haunted by the ghosts of those who are left behind, not those who have passed. For it is the living that leave behind the offerings and for those of us who find them, a faint image of who they might be.

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