Sunday, January 17, 2010

Moon Over Refinery

I am very prolific with my photography especially on vacation, so I'm trying to cut to the chase so I can move on. However, there are still a few gems that I would like to post. For instance these photographs of a full moon over an oil refinery in Casper Wyoming.

On the second photo, I wanted to capture the halo around the moon, so I changed my f-stop and shutter setting to let in more light. I zoomed in. And I set my white space to a more reddish range. (As you can tell technical is where I shine - Ha! Ha!) It worked. Although I will say the halo was more of a rainbow, but if I set the white space for a bluish tone, it wouldn't capture the halo at all. Seeing as how it was -20 with the windchill (at least) I didn't have much time to sit out there playing with the camera until I figured it out.

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