Monday, January 4, 2010

Denver Zoo - Tropical Discovery Exhibit

For Christmas we went to Colorado to visit my husband's parents. They live in the Denver area. We were fortunate enough to be able to go see the Zoo Lights again during this visit. My son loves going down and seeing all the different animals. Currently he is very into lizards and fish, so the Tropical Discovery exhibit is a favorite. One of mine, too, despite the fact I have a hard time photographing fish especially when they are in a tank. The glass is not conducive to clear sharp pictures. Still, I had enough shots, that I narrowed it down to six of my best for today's post. Enojoy!

Cayman Lizard

Sea Urchin

Puffer Fish

Clown Trigger Fish

Clown Fish in Sea Anemone

Lizard (Unidentified) - Often I am not able to slow down long enough to read the names. I don't remember the proper name for this guy.

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