Wednesday, October 21, 2009

You Find the Oddest Things - Part 3

This is from our visit to the City of Bozeman Landfill. The photos are from the pile of white goods. I'm not exactly sure what they do with them. It was quite the interesting tangle of items. I focused on what I considered to be the more artistic shots.

The first photo is a refrigerated display case. You can see the thermometer at the top of the case. I also know this because it's the type of case that the melon stand I worked for used to put the older melons in to keep them fresh a bit longer. Don't ask.

Then I found some very large Coca-Cola display cases. The logo on the last one dates to 1969. Wow! I would have guessed early 70s. You can see some other interesting Coca-Cola slogans throughout the years here:

Coke Slogans

My husband thinks that the Coca-Cola display cases came from the convenience store on Rouse that just closed down. If so, they had them a long time.

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