Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wonders Never Cease

I believe the insect below is the nymph form of a cloudy-winged cottonwood aphid. Hard to say, though. The wings are similar. The description for nymphs is translucent amber coloring. However, it sounds as if the nymphs have no wings. Only certain generations of mature female aphids will have wings. So while I'm pretty sure this is an aphid, I may not have the correct species. One thing I can say for sure, this landed on my husband's hand while we were at our son's soccer practice. He's just a bug magnet which works out pretty good for me.

This bunny lives somewhere near our house. Can't tell if it's under our neighbor's spruce or under our juniper bush. He's uses both to escape to depending upon where he is in the lawn. One morning I happened to catch him munching on a dandelion for breakfast. Go bunny go!

This is a tree cricket. He's on our new garbage can. I believe I unearthed him while clipping my neighbors' hedges.

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