Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Being Eaten Alive

I have developed this theory probably due to the fact that I photograph very small things and therefore would notice them. We are smaller than the dinosaurs and we won and we used what they left behind to get by i.e. oil. Well small mammals co-existed with dinosaurs, then there was a shift in the mammals favor and bye-bye dinosaurs. I've begun to think that the same thing will happen to us with things that we currently co-exist with. They will be smaller, too. Although, if these things get larger, I'll be happy to be gone. It seems like one small slip on the evolutionary ladder and we can hand over the crown to fun things like: mold, bacteria, viruses, algae, lichen, moss, very tiny insects. I forget the whole list. I'm sure I've painted a lovely picture, though.

Case in point, the following photos.

This first one looks like a beetle impression. Not sure it actually is. I do know that this tree has a bark beetle infestation though. Probably have to cut it down.

These little orange dots on the tree branch, yeah, that's fungus. Apparently it will come after the scale. It's a secondary attack. We had Jerry Cashman come out from Cashman Nursery. Very nice of him. He said at least you don't have banana slugs yet. Great. He also said it doesn't look half as bad as the rest of this area. Peachy. So I've been cutting those back and we'll spray this april and may. They're technically my neighbor's hedges. They were kind enough to supply the equipment and chemicals in exchange for the work.

Finally, the same tree that has beetles is rotting at the base. It'll have to go probably in two or three years if we're lucky.

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