Thursday, September 3, 2009

Being Eaten Alive Part II

It's kind of hard to see but if look really close you can see the hedge in front has been clipped back.  It was about 10 feet tall.  I cut it back to 5.  I got about four feet done.  However, that's after my husband went through with an electric trimmer.  He got a lot of the dense branches cut back so they were out of the way.  I went through with the large hand held clippers and got the larger branches done.

A shot of the rake with the branches that I cut down.

These are the trees (I know they look like one big tree.) in our back yard.  The one closest is the one with the rot.  It's definitely next.  The other one on the end has some damage from bark beetles, but not a lot.  Also, no rot.  It stands a good chance of being saved.  The middle one is huge solid and has nothing wrong with it.  Yea!  (If you look really close, you can see the branches from our crab apple tree.  I need to clip them up and toss them out.  It got some sort of blight.  No clue.  Cutting the diseased branches seems to have fixed it for now.)

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