Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Ants Go Flying - Not One by One Either

At our soccer practice a couple of weeks ago we had the pleasure of ants starting a new nest. I use pleasure loosely as this means there were a lot of flying ants in the air. Worse yet, they had no time to hone that skill and would fly into us. Blech!

Fortunately, by the time practice ended, the swarming ants had calmed down. A lot of them lost their wings before they got far. I guess that's a way for the competition for new space to remain low. The site below said a lot of these new queen ants don't survive long enough to start a new colony. Lucky for us humans or we'd be more over run than we already are!

Colorado State - Flying Ant Page

My poor husband. He's been an insect magnet this year. He might be the subject of next year's calendar. I have enough shots! He's been a good sport, and I appreciate it. Here he is being invaded by one of the new queens.

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