Thursday, August 6, 2009

Battle Ridge Cabin

Today, I ran across a sign that said Battle Ridge Cabin 1/2 mile. I thought cool, a historical cabin. Not thinking. The sign on the gate said road access restricted. OK. Well, I stopped to take a look around. It didn't say private property so I went up to see what the nearest sign said. It said Forest Service Land behind this sign. OK. Is it private until then and how does that work?

Well, I should have been deterred I guess, but I figured I'm not tresspassing. My tax dollars pay for this space. I got up there and I thought, hum, this is odd, seems awfully well kept. Well, there are three buildings up there. One is like a huge storage shed and it looks like someone broke in there. Nothing in there that I can tell. The other is a smaller cabin that is boarded up. The last one is a newer cabin with a parks deptartment type bathroom. This is all fenced in, and then I realized this is one of those cabins the forest service rents out. Duh! I can't get used to that. Well, there didn't seem to be anyone up there, so I snapped a few quick shots and then headed back down. On the way down, a forest service truck drove by. I just smiled and waved. Apparently they didn't care. If you want to rent it, you can click on the link below. It's pretty cool.

Very nice scenic of the Bridger Mountain Range on the way up.

Sorry so dark. This is the new cabin. Looks roomy.

Not sure what this is. I think it's a plant bug of some sort. Note the short wings.

This is a very unusual fly. May belong to the tachinid family.

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