Monday, July 13, 2009

What Lurks in the Forest

Well, I've been busy lately going back to Kirk Nature Area over and over again. It's a system of short trails. The climb is all uphill, so it's a workout. It's off of South 19th right before Hyalite Canyon. It's by Kirk Ranch or something like that. Details were never my strong point.

To continue the story, I took the dog on Thursday and she's old, so she didn't get too far up the trail. It looked interesting so I went back on Friday to get to the top. Following the outer trail, you end up with a panoramic view of Bozeman and the Madison Mountain Range. It's pretty cool. Well, right before that spot, I found this ant hill. I took some still shots of it which you can see above. Then below is a closer look that hopefully will give the viewer a feel for how many ants are in that mound. It's crazy. Well, despite my husband's insistence that I take the old camera with me, I had been leaving it at home. I don't usually have too much use for video footage, so I didn't get a new camera with that feature and I don't take the old one with me. Wrong answer. I realized the only way to convey just how many ants were crawling around this mound was to shoot video of it.

So I went back today (Monday). I hope to have the video footage posted in the next couple of days. Meanwhile enjoy the stills.

To round out this series, I chose the following shot of a snakefly. I love these flies. They are so funky. Just look at the shape. Too cool for school.

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